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Coulter Analzyer, Model T-890
Coulter Cell Counter Pump, Model ZF
Coulter Channelyzer, Model C-1000
Coulter Channelyzer, Model C256
Coulter Channelyzer, Model CHL2
Coulter Counter Parts
All parts available for Model ZBI, ZF and ZM
Coulter Counter, Model B
Coulter Counter, Model F
Coulter Counter, Model M430
Coulter Counter, Model TA II
Coulter Counter, Model ZBI
Coulter Diluter, Model CDII
Coulter Diluter, Model DDIIC
Coulter Diluter, Model DDIII
Coulter Diluter, Model II
Coulter Epics Microsample Delivery System
Coulter Hemoglobinometer, Model HEMO-W
Coulter Hemoglobinometer, Model HGBR
Coulter Hemoglobinometer, Model HGBR-6852
Coulter MCV/HVT/RBC Computer, Model MHR
Coulter Multisizer II, Model M/SZRII
Coulter Multisizer, M/SZR
Coulter Optical Characterization Scanner, Model Quick Scan
Coulter Particle Analyzer, Model N4
Coulter Particle Analyzer, Model ZM, .4 to 1200um, 5000 cells/sec
Coulter Particle Count & Size Analyzer, Model Z2
Particle Counter
Coulter Particle Counter, Model Z1
Coulter Printer, Model PCAII
Coulter S Plus V
Coulter Sample Stand II A, Model S/STDIIA
Coulter Sample Stand, Model S/STDII
Coulter Size Distribution Analyzer, Model P128
Coulter Size Distribution Analyzer, Model P64
Coulter Slide Spinner Diff 3, Model 301
Coulter TAII Counter
Coulter Thrombocounter, Model TH
Coulter Vacuum Container Unit, Model VCU/VWII
Coulter X-Y Recorder IV
Coulter Zetafuge, Model CZ2
Coulter ZF, ZBI Counters
Particle Data Elzone Counter, Model 180H
Particle Data Elzone Counter, Model 80XY