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Beckman Circuitmate, Model CM20A
Black Box Scan-Lan 5 Two Way Cable Tester, Model TS690A
Custom Engineering Design CED Digital Oscilliscope, Model SCOP4PC SE420
4 Channel
Data Precision Isolated Inputs, Model 611
GE Modules, Model 460.25
General Radio Audio Meter, Model 1701
General Radio Counter, Model 1192-B
General Radio Impact Noise Analyzer, Model 1556-B
General Radio Power Supply, Model 1263-B
General Radio Precision Capacitor, Model 722-MD
General Radio Sound Level Calibrator, Model OMNIAL
General Radio Sound Level Measuring Kit, Model 1565-B
General Radio Sound Level Meter, Model 1561-A
General Radio Strobotac, Model 1531
Hameg Analog Digital Oscilliscope, Model HM407
Harshaw Integrating Picoammeter, Model 2000B
Harshaw TL Detector, Model 2000D
Hewlett Packard HP Signature Analyzer, Model 5004A
HP, H.P.
Hickok Tube Tester, Model 539C
Hipotronics Hi-Pot Tester, Model HD 100
Hiptronics HD-100 Hipot Tester
Hydrologger Handar, Model 553A
Jordan Valley RoHS Analyzer
Keithley Electrometer, Model 602
Keithley Microvolt / Ammeter, Model 150A
Keithley Nanovolt Amplifier, Model 823
Keithley Power Supply, Model 242
Regulated HV Supply
Kingsley Automatic Wire Marker
Leeds & Northrup Infrared Analyzer, Model 7869
Leeds & Northrup Potentiometer, Model 7556
Madsen Insertion Gain Optimizer, Model 1601000
Mars Electronics Scanner, Model MEQ 300 128K an
Mars Electronics Scanner, Model MEQ 330 512K A
Mars Electronics Scanner, Model MEQ 430 512K A
Micronta Power Supply, DC, Model 22-121
Narda Leakage Monitor, Model 8200-915
Narda Microwave Survey Meter, Microline, Model 8110
Narda Radiation Monitor, Model 8611
Nicolet Oscilloscope, Model 1090AR Explorer
Omnitech Electronics Anxio-Scan, Model ASM-1
Photodyne Inc. Fiber Optic Test Set, Model 2250XFA
Quest Scientific 50/60 Hz Noise Eliminator, Model Hum Bug
Rockland Frequency Synthesizer, Model 5100
Sintek Frequency Converter, Model STAF-3000N / 2100W
Input: AC 220V, 60 Hz Output: AC 220V RMS, 50 Hz
Sutter Impedence Meter, Model BV 10-M
For Microelectrode Beveler
Tektronix 620 Monitor, Model Bid System 100
Tektronix NTSC Test Signal Generator, Model 146
Tektronix Oscilliscope, Model 412 Monitor
Tektronix Oscilliscope, Model 453
Tektronix Oscilliscope, Model 561B
Tektronix Oscilliscope, Model C-59
Tektronix Oscilloscope, Model 2245A
Tektronix Time Mark Generator, Model 184
Termaline Wattmeter, Model 6104
Thermoelectrics Voltmeter, Model Minimite II
Thorn EMI Alarm, Model WCTS-1
Tucker Davis Technologies TDT Enhanced Real-Time Processor, Model RP2.1
System 3
Tucker Davis Technologies TDT Express Card to Z Bus Interface, Model LO5
System 3
Vector Digital Wattmeter, Model WD 767
Vicon Linear Drive, Model 1050
Vu Data Datascope, Model PS910A
Woodhead GR Loop Impedence Tester, Model 7040
Woodhead Ground Fault Sentry, Model 1670
World Precision Instruments WPI Volt-Ohmmeter, Model F-29