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Abbott Diagnostics Cell Dyne 3500R SL Hematology Analyzer
Includes sample loader. Manufactured April 1998. Was used for one test. Includes all manuals and software.
Baker Hematology Platelet Analyzer, Model 810
Baker Hematology Series Cell Analyzer, Model 9000
Clay Adams Blood Platelet Counter, Model Ultra Flo
Hacker Cover Slipper, Model 8655
Robotic Coverslipping Machine
Hacker Cover Slipper, Model RCM-3655
Robotic Coverslipping Machine
Kodak Ektachem Analyzer, Model DT60
Leica Cover Slipper, Model CV5030
Robotic Coverslipping Machine
Siemens Bayer HEMA-TEK 2000 Slide Stainer, Model 4488
For full product description see: Miles Ames 1000 4480