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ACME Box Stitcher, Model H20P
ACME Combo Strapper
Agathon Tool Grinder W/Head
Alexander Batteries Optimizer, Model MZ6500
Baldwin Load Cell, Model U-1C
Baldwin Universal Fatigue Testing Machine Model SF-2
Becton Dickson Packaging Machine, Model UNASTRIPSA
Bostitch Box Stapler, Model F94FP
Budd Fatique Machine, Model VSP-150
Chemcut Corp. Chemical Spray Etcher, Model 800
Chesterman Vernier Height Gage, Model 365
Clarke Battery Charger, Model 536R
Clarke Scrubber, Model 2000B
Clausing 10" Engine Lathe, Model 4901 with 3-jaw chuck
Clausing Drill Press, Model 22V-1
Dayton Compressed Air Dryer, Model 32528
Deckel Jig Borer, Model LK
Deckel Vertical/Horizontal Mill, Model FP-1
Delta Drilling & Tapping, Model 15
Delta Rockwell Belt Sander, Model Baby
Derbyshire Lathe
DoALL Band saw, Model 277-69344
Domiteaux Engraving Machine, Model TLC-250
Dupont Laminator, Type Cromalin, Model H449
Electromatic Induction Caster, Model M69
Energy Transformation Corp. Army Space Heater, Model 13221E8915
250,000 BTUH Self-Powered MultifuelManufactured 1979
EPE Technology Wire Wrapping Machine, Model 14YA
Federal Mogul Seals, Plain Encased, Model DAA07-76-C-1646
Fisher /+Mscope Pipe / Cable Locator, Model TW5L
Frank N. Wood Tricut Armature Lathe & Undercutter, Model B15
GCA/DKB 1440 Robot w/F200 Controller
Gorton Pantograph, Model 3U, very good
Gorton Pantograph, Model 3Z
Gorton Pantograph, Model M104
Gorton Pantograph, Model P1/2, like new
Green Pantograph, Engraver, Model 106
Handler Grinder / Trimmer, Model 31-4749
Hauser Pivot Polisher
Hertner Battery Charger, Model TRC12-770
Ideal Paper Cutter, Model 3915-95
Ideal Stencil Machine, Model Idealogic3
Illvers-Lee Strip Packer, Model SA
J Nagel Dinge & Son Air Valve, Model NF-540
Joy Air Compressor, Twistair 300, 110 PSIG
Jun-Air Air Compressor, Model 3-1.5
K.O.Lee Surface Grinder, Model 8612
Keuffel & Esser Ott-Pantograph, Model 100
Lassco / Spinnit Paper Drill, 3-Hole, Model FMM-3
LC Gess Crank Press
Liquid Control Corp. Foam Packager Unit, Model Twin Flow
Llisco Inc Can Sealer, Model ES07681
Lowinson Thread Counting Machine, Model Unknown
Maier Hancock Portable Hot Splicer, Model 816
Microkinetics CNC Milling Machine, Model 999-6500-000
Computer Numerical Controlled with Power Drive Subsystem
New Jersey Machine Labeler, Model Pony Label Dri, Catalog 86TO
Ormco Welding Machine
Owens Spring Torque Tester
Para Systems Minute Man, Model AT 1200
Para Systems Minute Man, Model AT 650
Punch Tape Readers/punches, RS232, Several
Roland Computer Aided Modeling Machine, CAMM-3, Model PNC-3000
Stahl Controlled X-Y Stage, Model 507
Timeter Air Compressor, Model Aridyne 2000L
Torit Dust Collector, Model 64
Ultra Air Refrigerated Air Dryer, Model UA20AC
Ultra-Air Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer, Model UA20-A
Waledent International Saw/Dex, Model PX-900
Westinghouse Indoor Fuse Mounting, Model CL