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Miscellaneous Laboratory
3M Laser Interface, Model 1633ABU-GE L/O
ABGene Microplate Heat Sealer, Model ALPS-300
Advanced Biotechnologies
AD Instruments Bridge Amp, Model ML221
AD Instruments Octal Bio Amp, Model ML138
AD Instruments Power Lab 16/30, Model ML880
AD Instruments Powerlab 4/20T, Model ML860
AD Instruments T-Type Pod, Model ML312
ADT Power Unit, Model B2666-016
ADT Valve Switch, Model B611-0
Advanced Biotechnologies ABGene Combi Thermo-Sealer, Model AB-0384/110
Same as Thermo Scientific, Model ALPS 25 and Eppendorf, Model 5390
Air Products Regulator, Model Commodity Code
AIRCO Heliwelder, AC/DC, Model 2ADB-224-HBP
AIRCO Oxygen Regulator
Airgas Gas Regulator, Model 120-2-4F-4F
Airgas Gas Regulator, Model 360-2-4F-4F
Airgas Single Stage Brass Cylinder Regulator, Model Y11SR145A
0-25 psi SIR™ Series (Smart Indicating Y11-SR145A
Alnor Pyrometer
Alnor Thermo Anemometer, Model 8525
Alnor Velocity Meter, Model 2225
Alnor Velocity Meter, Model 3002
ALS Multi-Spotter, Model TLC
American Bio Nuclear Filter Processing System, Model TBU-2000
American Instruments Chem Glow Photometer, Model J4-7441A
American Instruments Helium Glow Photometer, Model 4-8481-ABBL
Fibrometer Coagulation Timer with probeAminco
American Instruments Microcooler, Model Thermoelectric
American Instruments Photomultiplier Photometer, Model J10-222A
American Optical AO Applanation Tonometer, Model 11589
Ametek Digistrobe III, Model 1965
Amsco Solid State Generator, Model EMA-50-24
Analogic Load Cell Digitizing System, Model AN5315 T2HXXXE
Applied Science Labs Photosimulator Control, Model 1100
Applied Science Labs TV Pupillometer System, Model 1071P
Artek Auto Printer, Model 350
Artek Colony Counter, Model 810
Artek Colony Counter, Model 870
Artek Colony Counter, Model 880
Artek Colony Counter, Model 980
Artek Compu-Print, Model 700
Artek Dismembrator, Model Sonic 300
Artek Image Display, Model 940
Artek Light Box, Model 890
Artek Temperature Controller, Model 6321-0275
Artek/NBS Colony Counters
Artronix Control Point/Sweep Rate, Model 5350
Ashcroft Dead Weight Tester, Model 1305-0-5000
Ashcroft Dead Weight Tester, Model 1305-B
Ashcroft Dead Weight Tester, Model 1305-B-50
Ashcroft Gauge, Model 30 psi
ASI Gas Mixing Module, Model 07-80001-1
Atlas Fadometer, Model 25F, SN FX1361, Mfg 1977,230V,35amps,2500W
Autochrom Solvent Selector, Model 101
Bailey Temperature Meter, Model BA-18
Bailey Thermometer, Model BAT-4
Baird Low Background Alpha Beta Gamma Counter, Model Accucount
BAS Voltammograph, Model CV-27
Baxter Haemofuge, Model 3522
Beckman Automated Lab Workstation, Model Biomek 2000 robot arm
Laboratory Automation Workstation
Beckman Automated Lab Workstation, Model Biomek 1000 robot arm
Laboratory Automation Workstation
Beckman Data Station Controller, Model 15330
Beckman Data System, Model 7000
Beckman Data Transporter, Model DT064
Beckman Data Transporter, Model DT128
Beckman Dispense Tool, Model 373094
1 Tip
Beckman Dispense Tool, Model 373095
8 Tip
Beckman Dispenser, Model 203
Beckman Dispenser, Model 6634
600uL Fixed
Beckman Dispensor Head, Model MP-20
For use with the Biomek 2000 MP 20, MP20
Beckman Dispensor Head, Model MP-200
For use with the Biomek 2000 MP 200, MP200
Beckman Dispensor Head, Model P-1000L
For use with the Biomek 2000 P 1000L, P1000L
Beckman Dispensor Head, Model P-20
For use with the Biomek 2000 P 20, P20
Beckman Dispensor Head, Model P-200L
For use with the Biomek 2000 P 200L, P200L
Beckman Eight Tip, Bulk Dispense Tool, Model 373095
For use with the Biomek 1000
Beckman Incubator, Model Biomek SL
Beckman Laboratory Workstation, Model 373461
Beckman Laboratory Workstation, Model 373857
Beckman MP-20 Tool, Model 373249
For use with the Biomek 1000MP20, MP 20
Beckman MP-200 Tool, Model 373096
For use with the Biomek 1000MP200, MP 200
Beckman P-20 Tool, Model 373090
For use with the Biomek 1000P20, P 20
Beckman P-200L Tool, Model 373800
For use with the Biomek 1000P200L, P 200L
Beckman P/ACE System 5000 with LIF Detector
Beckman Photometry Tool, Model 373100
For use with the Biomek 1000
Beckman Pycnometer, Model 930
Beckman Single Tip, Bulk Dispense Tool, Model 373094
For use with the Biomek 1000
Beckman Tube Sealer, Model E2
Beckman Tube Sealer, Model PR
Becton Dickinson Cell Sorter, Model GACS IV
Becton Dickinson Control Unit, Model 88-0646
Becton Dickinson FACS Analyzer, Model 2519A
Becton Dickinson FACS Automate (this part only)
Belfort Hygrothermograph
Bellco Pipet-Aid, Model 1225-80000
Catalog No. 1225 80000
Bellco Pipette Plugger, Model 7750-11111
Bellco Roller Drum, Model 7736-10164
Catalog No. 7728 10164
Bellco Tabletop 2-Tier to 9-Tier
Bellco Viewer, Model 7805-00010
Catalog No. 7805 00010
Bibby Scientific Stuart Automatic Melting Point Apparatus, Model SMP40
General description: The SMP40 automatic melting point uses the latest technology in digital image processing to accurately identify the melt of up to three samples simultaneously. Melt can be watched real time or the video can automatically be saved as an AVI file that can be reviewed later, either on the unit or via PC, providing traceability long after the sample has gone. The result can also be overridden if for any reason you don't agree with the result calculated by the image-processing algorithm. The SMP40 has an innovative split design concept, the unit can be used as normal or the control side and the melt side can be separated, allowing for the maximum in footprint flexibility. After the samples have been loaded the melt side of the unit can be placed at the back of the bench or even in a fume cupboard to catch any potentially dangerous fumes. The SMP40 is fully programmable via the touch screen display, once the user has set the plateau temperature up to the maximum temperature of 400̊C they can select the ramp rate, between 0.1 and 10̊C in 0.1̊C increments. The unit can store up to 200 result files with videos, if required data can be easily transferred from the unit to a flash memory drive or PC via one of the USB connectors. The unit has been designed to include a number of other useful features such as slots to accommodate pre-prepared samples and a draw to house your unused melting point tubes. Also included in the draw is a handy glass cutter, which can be used to accurately cut tubes in half quickly and cleanly for users who prefer to use half tubes. All units are supplied with a calibration certificate showing individual serial numbers for traceability and 100 melting point tubes closed at both ends. The SMP40 conforms to Pharmacopoeia and GLP. • Maximum temperature 400̊C • Utilizes latest technology in digital imaging • 5.7" colour VGA touch screen display • Unique split design concept • Integrated cooling 350̊C to 50̊C in 10 minutes • Heat up time 50̊C to 350̊C in 6 mins
Bio-Rad Digilab, Model FTS-60
Bioelectronics Corp Cell Injector, Model 30000
Bionetics Magnetic Transfer Device, Model 1094
Bios Corp Hybridization Cassette, Model TF-1500
Bios Corp Hybridization Cassette, Model TF-2500
Bioscan Analyzer, Model QC 4000
Bioscan Analyzer, Model QC2000
Bioscan Auto Changer, Model 1000
Bioscan Auto Changer, Model 3000
Bioscan Imaging Scanner, Model System 200
Biotech Air Cleaner, Model 1000
Biotech Medisphere Air Cleaner, Model 120
Black Box Catalog Expander, Model CAT
Black Box Controller, Model SR9243T
Black Box Personal Servswitch 2 Port, Model SW625A-R2
Blak-Ray Ultraviolet Light, Model B-100A
Ultra-Violet Products UVP
Blak-Ray Ultraviolet Light, Model C-50
Ultra-Violet Products UVP
Bodine Gearmotor, Model NCI-1103
Boekel Dessicator Cabinets
Boekel Heat Tube, Model 1372
Boekel Liquid Handling Pump, Model LHS
Bowens Illumitran, Model ILLUMITRAN 3
BR Instrument Solvent Recycling System, Model BR-8400L
Branson Caliper 100/BC3 Thickness Gauge
Branson Cell Disruptor w/microtip, Model Sonifier 200
Branson Cell Disruptor, Model W-185E
Branson Converter, Model 102
Branson Converter, Model 5125
Branson Converter, Model 575
Branson Converter, Model L
Branson Power Supply, Model 8125
Branson Sonifier Cell Disruptor, Model 350
Branson Sonifier Cell Disruptor, Model W140D
Branson Sonifier Cell Disruptor, Model W140G
Branson Sonifier Cell Disruptor, Model W185
Branson Sonifier Cell Disruptor, Model W185E
Branson Sonifier Cell Disruptor, Model W350
Branson Sonifier Cell Disruptor, Model 7140C
Branson Sonifier Converter, Model MS75
Bretford Acculight, Model 6009/6218
Brewer Automatic Pipettor, Model 60453
Brewer Automatic Pipettor, Model 60470
Brewer Pump, Model Filamatic AB
Brinkmann Labograph, Model E428
Brinkmann Light Box, Model 04109902
Brinkmann Rotator, Model Rotovapor
Brinkmann Sample Concentrator, Model SC/48R
Brinkmann Thermostat, Model K2-R
Brinkmann VA-Detector, Model E611
Bruel & Kjaer Calibration Chart, Model 4384
Bruel & Kjaer Calibration Exciter, Model 4294
Buchler Gradient Mixer
Cambridge Distributor, Model 2200
Campbell Scientific Micrologger, Model CR-21
Carnegie Medicine CMA Liquid Switch, Model CMA/110
Carnegie Medicine CMA Microdialysis Pump, Model CMA/102
Carnegie Medicine CMA Microdialysis Refrigerated Fraction Collector, Model CMA/170
Carnegie Medicine CMA MicroFraction Collector, Model CMA/142
Carnegie Medicine CMA Power Supply, Model CMA/210
Carnegie Medicine CMA/200 with 240 Refrigerated Microsampler, 210 Power Supply, 240 sample injector
Carnegie Medicine Microsampler, Refrigerated, Model CMA 200
Carnegie Medicine Power Supply, Model CMA 210
Carnegie Medicine Sample Injector, Model CMA 240
Carri-Med CSL Rheometer, Model 2050
Catalyst Research Breath Analyzer Kit, Model 1000
Cellco Cellmax 100, Model CM100
CEM AES 81 Fat Extractor Analyzer System
Description: CEM Fat Analyzer System Automatically and rapidly measures the % fat and oil in wide variety of materials Sample results in as little as 5 minutes Improve process control Increase profits Durable construction Complies with AOAC Official Methods Precise measurement of liquids, solids, slurries, fat (when used with CEM Fat Extractor), High volatiles Dilution, total suspended solids (TSS) and bias Syringe weighing Specifications: Fat Measurement Range: .5% to 99.5% Accuracy: Dependent on material Sample size: 1 to 5 grams Operator controls: on-off power switch start stop cycle switch Audible output: when cycle is complete or when malfunction occurs in cycle Visual indicators: lamps in power and cycle switches Electrical Requirements: Overall Dimensions, weight: 24’W X 18’D X 50’H (61 cm W X 46 cm D X 127 cm H) 175lbs. (80K) Shipping Weight: 195 lbs. (88.5K) in two cartons Electrical: 0.7 KVA standby, 1.725 KVA while extraction system operating, 115 VAC, 60 Hz (230 VAC, 50 Hz optional) AES81, AES-81, AES80, Extraction
CEM Corp. Automatic Extraction System, Model 903100
CEM Corp. Microwave Digestion Oven, Model MDS2000
CEM Corp. Moisture / Solids Analyzer, Model LabWave 9000
An analytical instrument that provides rapid moisture / solids analysis. Uses microwave energy to dry samples.
CEM Corp. Solvent Recovery System
Chatillon Digital Force Gauge, Model TCD200
Chromalox Heat Exchanger, Model CWHT-9C
Chrono-Log Aggregometer, Model 335
Chrono-Log Aggro/Link, Model 810
Chrono-Log Controller, Model 610
Chrono-Log Differentiator, Model 350
Chronometrics Electronic Interval Controller, Model C-502
Chrontrol Controller, Model XT2 S
Chrontrol Power Control Box, Model CT-4
CIBA / Corning Cupming Kit, Model PH200
CMS Closed Tester, Model K146
Cole-Parmer Digi-Sense Temperature Controller, Model 2186-10
Cole-Parmer Hygrothermograph, Catalog 8368-00
Cole-Parmer LCD Digital Hygrometer, Model 3309-50
Cole-Parmer Liquid Level Controller, Model 7187
Cole-Parmer Micropipettes, Model Centaur
Cole-Parmer Psychrometer, Model 3312-20
Cole-Parmer Thermometer, Model 8502-16
Cole-Parmer Thermometer, Model 8502-25
Cole-Parmer Timer, Model 8605
Coleman / PE Enzyme Calculator, Model 5-100
Coleman / PE System Controller, Model 5-202
Coleman / PE Temperature Controller, Model 5-037
Control Company Traceable Manometer, Model 3463
Catalog 33500-088
Cooke Automatic Pipettor, Model 222-1A
Corning Data Terminal, Model 722
Cryodyne Specialty Gases Regulator, Model 106051
Cryodyne Specialty Gases Regulator, Model 106053
Cryodyne Specialty Gases Regulator, Model 106054
CSI 2200 Oxides of Nitrogen Analyzer
Dainippon Screen Mfg. 6 Channel Filter Timer, Model 70479
Delta F Percent O2 Analyzer, Model PA 10025A
Deltech Breathing Air Purifier, Model Pyramid 8000
Denley Vacuum / Pressure Module
Designs For Vision Dualite, Model 3000
Designs For Vision Light Source, Model Quadrilite 4000
Diamond Electro-Tec Chemical Microsensor, Model 1201
Digilab Pneuma-Tonometer, Model 30RT
Digital Colony Counter, Model 2-J.G
Digitec Thermometer / Thermocouple, Model 590JC
Digitimer Isolated Stimulator, Model DS2
Dillon Dynamometer, 20,000 Lb Capacity
Dillon Dynamometer, 2500 Lb Capacity
DKI Control Box, Model GO7W
Doric Trendicator, Type K, Model 400A
Doric Trendicator, Type K, Model 402
Drummond Nanojet, Model 3-00-203-XV
Drummond Pipet-Aid, Model 300
Drummond Pipet-Aid, Model 600
Dupont Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Model 912
Dwyer Magnehelic, Model 2000-OC
Dynatech Colony Counter, Model 980
Dynatech Image Analyzer, Model 982B
Counter / Analyzer
Dynatech Safety Analyzer, Model PEA 2000A
Dynatech Video Camera, Model 003-970-0902
Dynex Large Bubble Tonometer, Model 14-100
Eazy A-B Switch, Model SW058A-FFFFF
Eazy Diagnostic Fan Out, Model LE 400A
Eberbach Con-Torque Power Unit, Model 7265
Eecos Outlet & Leakage Analyzer, Model 1020L
EG&G Control Unit, Model 137-C3
EG&G Photomultiplier Detector, Model D-46AQ
EG&G Photomultiplier Detector, Model D-48A
EG&G Polarographic Analyzer, Model 384B
EG&G SMDE, Model 303
Static Mercury Drop Electrode
EG&G SMDE, Model 303A
Static Mercury Drop Electrode
EG&G Temperature Probe, Model TP2000
Electro Optical Ind. Control Head, Model 19476L
Electro Optical Ind. Control Head, Model 19476R
Electro Optical Ind. Temperature Controller, Model 2382L
Electro Optical Ind. Temperature Controller, Model 2382R
Electroglas Prober, Model 1318
Electromedics Digital Thermometer, Model IT-600
Electrothermal Melting Point Apparatus, Model IA6304
Elmeco CO2 Controller, Model CU-100
EM Science Microbiological Air Sampler, Model MAS-100
Emesco Dust Collector, Model Aqua-Vac
Endevco Accelerometer, Model 2222B
Enviro-Intercept Temperature Controller, Model VA1015-B
Enviromental Universal Calibrator, Model 302
Eppendorf 5 Prime Perfect Vac Manifold Quad, Model 955 15 028-7
Eppendorf Microplate Sealer, Model 5390
Same as Advanced Biotechnologies ABGene Combi Thermo-Sealer, Model AB-0384/110 and Thermo Scientific, Model ALPS 25
Eppendorf Pipetters, Various Models
Eppendorf Research Pipetter, Model 5000
Eppendorf SmartBlock 0.5 mL x 24 Reaction Vessels, Model 5361000031, New
Holds 0.5mL x 24 Reaction vessels Maximum Temperature: 100 degrees celsius For Use With Eppendorf ThermoMixer C and ThermoStat C
Eppendorf Thermomixer R, Model 5355
With Exchangeable Thermoblock for microcentrifuge tubes. 24 x 1.5 ml
Eppendorf Thermomixer R, Model 5355
With Exchangeable Thermoblock for microcentrifuge tubes. 24 x 2.0 ml
Eppendorf Thermomixer R, Model 5355
With Exchangeable Thermoblock for Microplates MTPs with lid
Eppendorf Thermomixer, Model 5432
Eppendorf Thermomixer, Model 5436
Eppendorf Thermostat, Model 5320
Ericomp Cyclic Reactor, Model TCX15
Erma Optical Degasser, Model ERC 3510
ESC Coulometer, Digital, Model 640
ESC Potentiostatic Control, Model 410
Fibrosystems Heat Block, Model 60419
Finnigan Thermospray, Catalog 40062-60500
Model 40062 60500
Finnpipette Pipettor, Model 3mL, Fixed Volume
Fisher / Hamilton Gas Partitioner, Model 29
Fisher Gas Regulator, Model FS-50
Fisher Hamilton Laboratory Benches, Cabinets, Casework and Fume Hoods
11 Fume Hoods, plus approximately 200 feet of Lab Benches along walls, plus 150 feet of double sided center islands listed below Center Islands: 118"L x 54"W- Qty: 4 180"L x 60"W- Qty: 1 150"L x 60"W- Qty: 1 172"L x 60"W- Qty: 2 184"L x 60"W- Qty: 2 144"L x 54"W- Qty: 1 190"L x 54"W- Qty: 1 Hamilton Built in Fume Hoods: 5' Wide- Qty: 7 4' Wide- Qty: 4 Large sliding glass door floor cabinets- Qty: 5 as shown in photos. Wall hung sliding glass door cabinets- Qty: 12 as shown in photos. Cabinets include epoxy chemical resistant tops, electrical and plumbing as shown in photos. Casework and hoods are located in Kansas City, Missouri. Casework is matching genuine Fisher Hamilton brand. The cabinets and hoods need to be removed from site (electrical and plumbing disconnects required). Deadline for removal is the end of January 2017.
Fisher Hamilton Laboratory Casework / Furniture
FISHER HAMILTON LABORATORY BENCHES, WALL CABINETS & COUNTER TOPS MORE THAN 860 FEET From a laboratory that closed last month we are offering the lab benches, wall cabinets, sinks, desk units, counter tops, etc. All items are still located in the laboratory. Benches and cabinets do not have rust, corrosion or physical damage (excluding some sink bases). Casework is matching genuine Fisher Hamilton brand. There are more than 860 combined feet of benches, desk units and wall cabinets. These Fisher Hamilton casework brand benches and cabinets are sold by Fisher Scientific ( This casework costs from $400 to $650 per foot depending on the individual cabinet size, number of drawers, etc. These prices can be confirmed on the Fisher Scientific website. This offering would have a new cost of approximately $500,000. Hamilton benches are the highest quality available. There are both 35 and 29 inch high benches included. We will supply two skilled men with tools and dollies for three days to provide buyer assistance in disconnecting, staging and loading equipment. All plumbing feed and drain lines have now been disconnected and capped.. The fasteners connecting the benches to one another have been removed, the counter tops have been disconnected from the benches but are mostly still sitting in place. The wall cabinets have been taken down and are mostly sitting on the bench tops. The deadline for removal has been extended to September. The company is still removing their equipment. We plan to have all items disassembled within the next two weeks, staged and ready to load. Both loading dock and ground level access is available. Purchaser can leave behind items that are not desired. We can assist purchaser in getting quotations for shipping. Save thousands by purchasing before casework is placed in storage trailers. TOTAL CASEWORK: 861 FEET 397 FEET of 29" and 35" Base Cabinets 464 FEET of Wall Cabinets 219 Feet 35" high base cabinets. Includes sink bases. 140.5 Feet 29" high base cabinets. 464 feet wall cabinets ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE MATCHING STYLE Plus: 37.5 Feet of 29" high base cabinets with recessed handles. Plus: 40 Feet minimum - Numerous spacers not on this list nor included in total which were used to form sitting work areas. They consist of rear mounted assemblies which support the bench tops and lock the benches in spaced position. Tops will be included at no additional cost or can be left behind. DETAILED  DESCRIPTION of CASEWORK         35" HIGH BENCHES 10-18" W x 22" D x 35" H- 4 Drawers 5- 18" W x 22" D x 35" H- 3 Drawers 2- 18" W x 22" D x 35" H- 1 Door / 1 Drawer 2- 18" W x 22" D x 35" H- 1 Door30- 24" W x 22" D x 35" H- 4 Drawers 1- 24" W x 22" D x 35" H- 3 Drawers 4- 24" W x 22" D x 35" H- 5 Drawers 1- 24" W x 22" D x 35" H- 1 Door 1- 24" W x 22" D x 35" H- 1 Door / 1 Drawer  6- 30" W x 22" D x 35" H- 2 Doors 4- 30" W x 22" D x 35" H- 4 Drawers 1- 36" W x 22" D x 35" H- 2 Doors 3- 42" W x 22" D x 35" H- 2 Doors 1- 48" W x 22" D x 35" H- 2 Doors / 2 Drawers          35" CORNER BENCH UNITS 4 -14" W across front opening Corner Unit           35" SINK BASES  1- 24" W x 22" D x 35" H- Sink Base 1- 30" W x 22" D x 35" H- Sink Base 7- 36" W x 22" D x 35" H- Sink Base 4- 42" W x 22" D x 35" H- Sink Base 6- 48" W x 22" D x 35" H- Sink Base 1- 58" W x 22" D x 35" H- Sink Base         29" HIGH BENCHES  2- 18" W x 22" D x 29" H- 1 Door 1- 18" W x 22" D x 29" H- 5 Drawers 8- 18" W x 22" D x 29" H- 4 Drawers15-18" W x 22" D x 29" H- 3 Drawers12-18" W x 22" D x 29" H- 2 Drawers14-18" W x 22" D x 29" H- 1 Door / 1 Drawer 1- 21" W x 22" D x 29" H- 1 Door / 1 Drawer 5- 24" W x 22" D x 29" H- 4 Drawers11- 24" W x 22" D x 29" H- 3 Drawers 1- 36" W x 22" D x 29" H- 3 Long Drawers / 2 Half Drawers 1- 42" W x 22" D x 29" H- 2 Door / 2 Drawer 1- 48" W x 22" D x 29" H- 2 Door / 2 Drawer25- 18" W x 22" D x 29" H- 1 Door / 1 Drawer With recessed handles and sliding shelf            29" BENCH CORNER UNITS   5- 14" W from left to right at front Corner Unit            DESK UNITS w/ Drawer  2- 42" W- Desk Unit 1- 48" W- Desk Unit WALL CABINETS 2- 18" W x 12" D x 31" H- with no doors 12- 24" W x 12" D x 31" H- with no doors 5- 24" W x 12" D x 31" H- with sliding plexiglass doors 3- 24" W x 12" D x 31" H- with 1 hinged door 24- 30" W x 12" D x 31" H- with solid sliding doors 15- 30" W x 12" D x 31" H- with no doors 2- 30" W x 12" D x 31" H- with solid hinged doors 45- 36" W x 12" D x 31" H- with no doors 5- 36" W x 12" D x 31" H- with solid sliding doors 9- 42" W x 12" D x 31" H- with solid sliding doors 5- 42" W x 12" D x 31" H- with no doors 11- 48" W x 12" D x 31" H- with no doors 9- 48" W x 12" D x 31" H- with solid sliding doors 1- 42" W x 12" D x 29" H- with no doors 2- 47" W x 12" D x 29" H- with no doors 3- 47" W x 12" D x 29" H- with sliding plexiglass doors 1- 48" W x 12" D x 29" H- with solid sliding door
Fisher Scientific Burette, Model 390
Fisher Scientific Closed Tester, Model 13-509-1V2
Fisher Scientific Colony Counter, Model 133-8002
Fisher Scientific Colony Counter, Model 7-910
Fisher Scientific Dry Bath, Model 145
Fisher Scientific Dry Bath, Model 147
Fisher Scientific Hollow Cathode Tube, Various Models
Model CA, CU, FE, MG, MN, PB, ZN,Thermo
Fisher Scientific Microprobe, Model 15-188-30
Fisher Scientific Model 21 Semi-Automatic Tensiomat
Fisher Scientific Slide Warmer, Model 77
Fisher Scientific Sonic Dismembrator, Model F550
With CL4 Ultrasonic Convertor
Fisher Scientific Stainless Dessicator Cab
Fisher Scientific UV Viewing System, Model FB PDS 81
Fisher Sonic Dismembrator, Model F60
Fluke Thermometer, Digital, Model 2100A
Fluke Thermometer, Digital, Model 2160A
Fluke Thermometer, Digital, Model 2190A
Fluorometrix CellPhase CO2-4, quad-channel CO2 sensing system
The Cellphase Carbon Dioxide Sensor is a portable detection system with the ability to service existing glassware and other laboratory apparatus. It is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with flat bottom laboratory glassware, which can be seated on top of the CellPhase sensing element. The CellPhase CO2 sensing system interfaces to a PC for data acquisition, trending, and logging. Non-invasive optical sensor system. The CellPhase “coaster” system uses “peel-and-stick” sensor patches that are disposable and sterilizable. These patches may be applied to virtually any clear reactor vessel including flasks and bags.
Fluorometrix CellPhase DO-4, quad-channel DO sensing system
The Cellphase Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is a portable detection system with the ability to service existing glassware and other laboratory apparatus. It is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with flat bottom laboratory glassware, which can be seated on top of the CellPhase sensing element. The CellPhase DO sensing system interfaces to a PC for data acquisition, trending, and logging. Non-invasive optical sensor system. The CellPhase “coaster” system uses “peel-and-stick” sensor patches that are disposable and sterilizable. These patches may be applied to virtually any clear reactor vessel including flasks and bags.
Fluorometrix CellPhase pH-4, quad-channel pH sensing system
The Cellphase pH sensor is a portable detection system with the ability to service existing glassware and other laboratory apparatus. It is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with flat bottom laboratory glassware, which can be seated on top of the CellPhase sensing element. The CellPhase pH sensing system interfaces to a PC for data acquisition, trending, and logging. Non-invasive optical sensor system. The CellPhase “coaster” system uses “peel-and-stick” sensor patches that are disposable and sterilizable. These patches may be applied to virtually any clear reactor vessel including flasks and bags.
Focus Graphics Imagecorder Plus, Model IC-4700
Forma Scientific CH/P Performance Monitor, Model 400048
Forma Scientific CO2 Controller, Model 3057
Forma Scientific Heating Mantle, Model 105
Forma Scientific Work Station, Model 1849
P/N 191403 Laminar Flow Hood Thermo
Friden Tape Winder, Electric, Model 6762-1
Friez Hygrometer, Model 594
Frigimat Dry Ice Maker, Model 378
Fujifilm Fluorescent Image Analyzer, Model FLA-3000
Fujifilm Fluorescent Image Analyzer, Model FLA-3000R
Fujifilm FUJIX Bio-Imaging Analyzer, Model IPR Bas 1500
Ful-Kontrol (GCA) Flashpoint Tester, Model 74582
Fusion Systems UV Curing System, Model 1223B
Gagne Associates Light Table, Model 2436-4
Gardenier Tank Switcher, Model GTS 2000
Gardner Portable Glossmeter, Model 60
Gas Data Ltd. CEA Instruments, Model GD444
Geiger Fluid Pump, Model SST
Gemini Programmer / Dissolver, Model 2000
General Eastern Sonicator Head, Model V1A
General Eastern Switch Box, Model 402
General Eastern Temperature / Humidity Display, Model 400E
General Scanning Scanner Control, Model CX-660
General Valve Picospritzer, Multichannel, Model 54-712-900
Genevac Vacuum System, Model CVP50
Genomic Solutions Investigator Gel Processor, Model 00704020
GHI Systems Velocimeter, Model VS300R
Gilson / Rainin Pipettor, Model G-82-17881
Gilson / Rainin Pipettor, Model G-82-17892
Gilson / Rainin Pipettor, Model G-82-17924
Gilson Pipetman, Model P1000
Gilson Pipetman, Model P200
Gilson Pipetman, Model P5000
Gilson Pressure Regulator, Model 821
Gilson Temperature Regulator, Model 831
Gilson Testing Screen, Model TS-2, extra trays
Giltronix Scanner, Model Auto-Scan 8301
Giltronix Scanner, Model Auto-Scan 8701
Girard Ultrasonic Fragmentor, Model G-15D
Given (Pasadena) Hydraulic Press w/heated stage, Model P.H.I., P-315C, 4" Ram, 4000lbs
Glas-Col Heating Mantle, Model 0-396, 100mL
100 mL
Glas-Col Heating Mantle, Model 0-408, 1000mL
1 Liter, 1000 mL
Glas-Col Heating Mantle, Model 0-410, 2000mL
2 Liter, 2000 mL
Glas-Col Heating Mantle, Model 0-412, 3000mL
3 Liter, 3000 mL
Glas-Col Heating Mantle, Model TM576
Glas-Col Heating Mantle, Model TM616
Glas-Col Heating Mantle, Model TM630
GMBH Hygrometer, Model Testo 600
Catalog 0560 6001
Grafer Immunoviewer, Model 985
GT Instruments Penetrometer, Model P734
GTI Digital Light Integrator, Model EXPO 19
Guildline Teraohmmeter, Model 9520
TeraOhm Meter / Tohm Meter / Tera Ohm Meter
Haake Buchler Auto Densi-Flow II, Model 4517000
Haake Buchler Digital ChloridometerL
Haake Buchler Evapomix, Model 432-1000
Haake Buchler Thermo-Lift, Model 412000
Hach COD Dry-Bath Reactor, Model 45600
Hach Heat Block, Model 16500
Hach Heat Block, Model 16500-01
Hach Series 5000 Silica Analyzer
Hamilton Airfloat System, Model 64R904
Hamilton Aquamatic Module, Model K-20-5
Hampton Hurst Grease Machine, Model L-100
Hanson Dissolution Drive Control, Model 48-300-101
Harris Gas Regulator, Model 2-OX15MF
Harris Gas Regulator, Model 92-250
Harris Nitrogen Regulator, Model 92-100
Harris Nitrogen Regulator, Model 92SS-100
Healthdyne Flow Generator, Model 7000
Catalog CPAP
Heat Systems Cell Disruptor, Model W-375
Heat Systems Ultrasonic Controller, Model W-140D
Heat Systems Ultrasonic Convertor, Model C3
Helena Laboratories Auto Scanner, Model 1214110VAC
Hemagen / Dupont Analyst, Model 11381120.702
Heraeus IR-CO2 Gas Tester, Order Code 50060283
Heto Controller, Heat / Temperature, Model 01PM000
Heto Thermostat, Model 623
Hewlett Packard HP Capillary Drawing Machine, Model 1045A
HP, H.P.
Hewlett Packard HP Counter, Electronic, Model 5345A
Hewlett Packard HP Drive, Model HP6000
HP, H.P.
Hewlett Packard HP Pulse Generator, Model 222A
HP, H.P.
Hewlett Packard HP Temperature Controller, Model 89100A
HP, H.P.
HF Scientific Lovibond Tintometer, Model AF710-2
Hirschmann Pipettor, Model Pipetus-AKKU with Charger
Hitachi Deozonator, Model 018-0062
Hitachi Genetic Systems Dark Room, Model CCDB10
HNU Photo-Ionizer Probe, Model 10.2 eV
HNU Photo-Ionizer Probe, Model 11.7 eV
HNU Photo-Ionizer Probe, Model 9.5 eV
HNU Photo-Ionizer, Model ISPI 101
Honeywell Thermostat, Model TYPE J
Houston Fearless Chem Manager, Model 210P
Houston Fearless Mini Labmaster, Model ML200
Hydrodynamics Electrichygrometer, Model N15-3000
Hyland Illuminator, Model 077-931
Hynson, Westcott & Dunning Macro-Vue Card Test Rotator, Model 51
I2R Glow Box, Model C11-8
ICN Biomedicals Digiflex TP, Model 33020
ICN Biomedicals Digiflex, Model 33010
ICN Biomedicals Expanded Accuflex, Model 34018
IDT Dilutor, Model FIAX 420
IDT Pipettor / Dilutor, Model 1500
Industrial Instruments Conductivity Bridge, Model ARC 16B2
Industrial Instruments Moisture Tester, Wet & Dry Bulb, Model 22012
Industrial Science Micro Pipette Puller, Model MI
Infrasonics, Inc. Isolation System, Model Star Exhalation
Catalog 0505009
Inmac Microbuffer, Model 64H
Instron Capillary Rheometer, Model 3211
Instron Data System, Model 1122
Instron Integrator, Model A1-2
Instron Tensile Tester, Model TTD
Instron Tester, Model 1101
Instrumental Lab Autosampler, Model 254
Instrutech Corp. Digital Recorder, Model VR-100
Interactive Instruments Tensile Tester, Model K1-16
With Transducer, Model LPV-1K
InterTest Bubble Detection System, Model 1014-CBL
1014CBL CBL-1014 CBL1014
ISCO Gel Scanner, Model 1310
ISCO Gel Scanner, Model 1312
ISCO Gel Scanner, Model 659
Ithaco Electronic Filter, Model 4211
J.K. Co. Ice Point Calibration, Model RCS1
J.K. Co. Thermocouple Reference, Model 2150-8
James G Biddle TC Potentiometer, Model 72-316-13
James G Biddle Volt Potentiometer, Model 72-312
Kapak Corp. Pouch Sealer, Model 118
Keller Fine Science Tools Dry Glass Bead Sterilyzer, Model Steri 250
Kendall Compression System, Model 6325
Kendall Sequential Pressure Dew., Model 5315
Kenmore Refrigerator, Model 596.672790
Kevex Analyzer, Model 8000
Kontes Cell Disruptor, Model 9110001
Kontes Control Unit
Kontes Culturing Station, Model Transaflex
Kontes Micro Cell Disruptor
Kontron Minimon, Model 7136A
Catalog 7136-205
Kontron Storage Unit, Model 30
Catalog 609-3000
L-Tec Inert Gas Regulator, Model 8901
Lab Safety Chemical Spill Treatment Kit, Reorder# 14625
Lab-Line Colony Counter, Model Digimatic
Lab-Line Desicab, Model 1477
Lab-Line Electro-Hygrometer, Model 2200
Lab-Line Lab-Minder, Model 1430
72 HoursLabline
Lab-Line Slide Warmer, Model 26005
Lab-Line Slide Warmer, Model 26020
Labconco Auto Dry, Model 55305
Labconco Fiberglass Vacuum Dessicator Cabinet, Cat 553000
Labconco RapidVap N2/48 Dry Evaporation Systems Catalog 7910012
Model 7910012
Labconco Vacuum Dessicator, Fiberglass
Labsystems Finnpipetter, Model 4500
2-10 mL
Lamotte Chemical STC Calorimeter, Model STC-A-3-2420-07
Lamotte Chemical TRL Calorimeter, Model 2120111
Lapline Digitimer A, Model 78-92
Lebow Calibrator, Model 7511
Leica Darkfield Colony Counter, Model 3327
Lektralab Timer, Heavy Duty, Model Y403
Lenco Color Encoder, Model PCE-462
Lenco Electronic Controller, Model CCE-850
Lerner Laboratories Blower Unit, Model 9120
Life Tech Solostim Foot Control, Model FC1.5
LKB Controller, Model 4070
LKB Heat Sealer, Model 1295-012
LKB Laminator, Model 1251
LKB Multiplate, Model 2208
LKB Polylite, Model 2114
Lombart Keeler Pulseair, Model 2347
Lumedyne Strobe Light, Model System 468
Magna Tech Noise Suppressor, Model 34B
Manitowoc Ice Machine, Model QM45A, 30 lb. Ice Storage Bin
Produces up to 95 lbs. of ice per day and has a bin that can store up to 30 lbs. at a time. It also comes with features like a durable stainless steel exterior, a patented cleaning and sanitizing system, and a front air intake and exhaust. Overall Dimensions: 19 3/4"W x 22 3/4"D x 31- 32 1/2"H Net Weight: 115 pounds
Manostat Charger Stand, Mopet, Model 71-649-100
Manostat Pipettor, Model 71-773-00-10
Manostat Pipettor, Mopet, Model 71-649-100
Mansfield & Green Dead Weight Tester w/ weights, Model R50
Mansfield & Green Dead Weight Tester w/weights, Model 1305B-50
Mansfield & Green Dead Weight Tester w/wghts, Model 1305 0-5000
March Gas Control Module, Model GCM200
Matheson Gas Regulator, Model 3613-600
Matheson Gas Regulator, Model 8-540
Matheson Gas Regulator, Model 8-680
Matrix Technology Multi Electropette Controller
MBV EMD Millipore Sigma Microbiological Air Sampler, Model MAS-100NT
Manufacturer description: The MAS 100 was developed on the Andersen Air Sampler Principle with collection apertures that correspond to Andersen Level 5 for excellent recovery of viable particles as small as 1μm. Ambient air is aspirated through a perforated lid and impacted onto the surface of growth media in standard 90-100 mm Petri dishes or 55-60 mm contact plates. Microorganisms adhere to the culture media and, after an appropriate incubation period, the colonies are counted. Includes a built-in calibration reminder that can be set between 1 and 12 months. Internal software is easily accessed and controlled using single touch “yes or no? responses and pre-programmed volumes assure reproducible results. Air flow is 100 liters/minute. The unit and lid cover are both made of anodized aluminum and the lids are autoclavable. Power is supplied via NiMH rechargeable batteries. The display is alpha-numeric LCD, 16 digits with real time and date. The new MAS-100 NT® is arguably the most precise, most reliable and most cost-effective air sampler system available today – a solution you can rely on to detect any airborne micro-organisms which may be hazardous to your products. Developed in close cooperation with specialists in the pharmaceutical industry, this high-precision air sampler system is very easy to handle, delivers correct and reproducible results, and fully complies with the EN ISO 14698 standard parts 1 and 2. It is an improved version of our very successful MAS-100® Air Sampler System that has been highly appreciated for years by even the most demanding customers in the pharmaceutical industry. The benefits of our MAS-100 NT® are compelling: Precise, reproducible measurements High collection efficiency Built-in air flow compensation Compatible with standard 90 mm Petri dishes and 60 mm contact plates No other microbial air monitoring system is as accurate in collecting samples as the MAS-100 NT®. Compared with its predecessor, the MAS-100®, impaction speed on the MAS-100 NT® – and thus its collection efficiency – has been further improved, thanks to a new sampling head with 300 x 0.6mm holes. The system uses a state-of-the-art mass flow sensor to measure the inflow of air and to continuously regulate the aspirated air volume during sample collection to maintain a constant value of 100 liters/min. This allows the MAS-100 NT® System to automatically adjust for differences in fill volumes of Petri dishes, changes in air density, and differences between individual perforated lids. Specifications: MAS-100 NT® and MAS-100 NT Ex® Height: 10" Diameter: 4.33" Weight: 5.25 pounds Material: Anodized aluminum Diameter of Sampling Head: 10 cm Nominal Airflow: 100 liters / min. + 2.5% Standard Sampling Volumes: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 liters Freely Definable Sampling Volumes: 1 to 2000 liters Battery Pack: Li-Ion, rechargeable battery, 7.4 V / 6.9 Ah Charging time: Full recharge time approx. 3.5 hours Running time: Total running time approx. 7 hours Total aspiration volume: approx. 42,000 liters Motor: 6 V Display: Alphanumeric liquid crystal display, 32 characters Lifetime RTC Battery: RTC (Real Time Clock) battery; lasts for approx. 10 years Driving Motor: PWM frequency for driving motor Processor: Type 80C552 Airflow Regulation: Hot-wire anemometer, numerical control, temperature and pressure sensors Power Unit / Battery Charger: 110-240 Volt, 50-60 KHz
MedTec Autoblot 2000, Model A2000-2
Messer Juno Tank, Model Juno 100
Metallurgical Dry Ice Maker, Model ME-302
Micro-Metric Instruments Syringe Microburet, Model SB2
Microcal Scanning Calorimeter, Model MC-2
Microline Mini-Surveyor, Model 8200
Micromedic Systems Automatic Pipetter, Model 25000
Micromedic Systems Automatic Pipetter, Model 25004
Micromedic Systems Dispenser, Auxilary, Model 32050
Micromedic Systems Pipetting Station, Model 24004
Micromedic Systems Reagent Dispenser, Model 23000
Micromeritics AutoPycnometer, Model 1320
Milestone Microwave Vacuum Histoprocessor, Model RHS-1
Type MLS / Milestone Micromed T/T
Milestone RHS Vacuum Module
For use with RHS-1 Microwave Vacuum Histoprocessor
Milestone Terminal M
For use with RHS-1 Microwave Vacuum Histoprocessor
Millipore Fluorescence Measurement System, Model Cytofluor 2350
Mocon Infrared Diffusometer, Model IRD-2C-P
Monsanto Reversible Counter, Modle 106A
Morton / Dynachem UV Curing System, Model UVEX
MX International Perfuser, Model 2101
Nalgene Acrylic Desiccator Cabinet, Model 5317-0180
Product Description: -Number of shelves: 4 -Each shelf is 11 ½"W x 11"D -Number of grooves: 7 -Material: acrylic cabinet with stainless steel latches and hinge and a neoprene gasket. -Provides dust- and moisture-free storage in refrigerators, freezers and on the benchtop. -Useful to store anhydrous, hygroscopic biological and chemical compounds, electronic assemblies, or any components requiring controlled storage conditions. -Neoprene gasket on door ensures tight seal. -Door secured with three stainless steel latches and full-height hinge. -Removable, lipped tray holds solid desiccant. -Shelves are removable, adjustable and vented to maximize air flow.
Nalgene Dessicant Cabinet, Model 5317-0120
NCG Gas Regulator, Model 5860
NCG Gas Regulator, Model 5860
Nelson Analytical Interface, Model 760
Nelson Analytical Interface, Model 7615
Nelson Analytical Interface, Model 950
Neptune Dyna-Pump, Model 2
New Brunswick NR Flow Indicator, Model MHRE22
New Brunswick Scientific Automated Colony Counter, Model Biotran III
New Brunswick Scientific Automated Colony Counter, Model C-111
NBS, C111
New Brunswick Scientific Bactronic Colony Counter, Model C-110
NBS, C110
New Brunswick Scientific Redox Controller w/chart recorder
New Brunswick Scientific ROLLACELL Tissue Culture Apparatus, Model RC-42
Noritsu Autoselector, Model ASL2201
Now Technologies Dispenser, Model LAB-1
Nucleus Nuclear Scaler, Model 500
Numec Cathodic Etcher, Model 4
O-I Analytical Detector Controller, Model 5300
Olix Light Integrator, Model A1970
Olympus Bayonet, Model PM-CAMS
Olympus Propette, Model 1950-0031
Omega Digital Process Indicator, Model DP81R
Omega Temperature Monitor, Model 199-TC-X-X-25
Omron Temperature Controller, Model E5CS-Q1PX
Oncor Slide Dryer, Model A
Oriel 1/8m Universal Monochromator, Model 77250 w/ 7340 Illuminator
Oriel 1000W Universal Xenon Arc Power Supply w/ igniter, Model 8540
Oriel Aspherab Condensor, various configurations
Oriel Deuterium Lamp Power Supply, Model 6310
Oriel Drive Controller, Model 1802
Oriel Mirror Holder, Model 1262
Oriel Mirror Mounts for Optical Bench
Oriel Ozone Eater, Model 7340
Oriel Ultraviolet Light, Model 6143
Oriel Universal Lamp, Model 66020, 450W-1000W Lamp Housing w/ozone eater
Oriel UV Light Source W/ Supply, Model 6137
Osram Light Source, Model Diastar 200
Osram Mercury Short Arc lamp, Model HBO 100 W/2
Oster Dryer, Model 269-01E
Oxford Benchmate Pipettor, Model 055-1292
Oxford Transfer Pipetting System, Model Macro-Set
Oyster Terminals Key Pad, Model RT80
Pacific Scientific Channel Threshold, Model 4100
Packard Trace, Model 7140
Parker Balston Nitrogen Generation System, Model N2-45
Parr Bomb, Model 101A3090
Parr Bomb/Reactor, Model 3911
Parr Calorimeter
Parr Large Capacity Bomb, Model 4748, 125 mL
Parr Mini Reactor, Model 4562, 450 ml, removable head w/variable speed magnetic drive
Parr Nitrogen Bomb
Parr Pressure Reactor, Model 3601
Parr Pressure Reactor, Model 4011, NEW
Parr Pressure Reactor, Model 4562M
Nominal Size 450 mL, Working Capacity 325 mL
Parr Pressure Reactor, Model 4563
Nominal Size 600 mL, Working Capacity 450 mL
Parr Shaker Hydrogenation Apparatus, Model 3911
Parr Temperature Controller, Model 4831
Parr Temperature Controller, Model 4841
Particle Data Electozone / Celloscope, Model 111A
Particle Data Electozone / Celloscope, Model 112LD/SS
Particle Data Electozone / Celloscope, Model 112LTH
Particle Data Electozone / Celloscope, Model 112THD
Particle Data Printer, Model TP-140
Particle Data Video Monitor, Model VM5
Partlow Temperature Controller, Model LS-J249E
Pass Platinizing Kit, Model 3139
Patton Air Heater, Model HF-12GT
Payton Aggregation Module, Model 300BDS
PCI Ozone Corp. Ozone Generator, Model G-14
PCI Wedeco, G14
PCI Ozone Generator, Model GL-1S
Peacock Micrometer, Model 1331
PEI Mini-Counter, Model M
Pelco Infiltron, Model 1
Pensky-Martins Flash Tester, Model ASTMD-93
Perkin Elmer Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Model DSC-1B
Perkin Elmer Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Model DSC-2 & DSC2C
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Model DSC-4
P.E., PE, DSC4
Perkin Elmer Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Model DSC-7
P.E., PE, DSC7
Perkin Elmer Elemental Analyzer, Model 240
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Medical Gas Analyzer, Model MGA-1100
P-E, PE, MGA1100, 1100, Mass Spectrometer
Perkin Elmer Molecular Weight Apparatus, Model 115
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Monitor, Model 120261
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Monitor, Model 55000-0149
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Monitor, Model L413-0187
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Multiple Gas Analyzer, Model 1200
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Pipettor, Automatic, Model Propette
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Pump, Model Series 10
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Refrigeration Unit, Model FC-100
Perkin Elmer Thermal Analysis Controller, Model TAC7/DX
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Thermal Analysis Series 7 System
Including Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Model DSC7; Thermal Analysis Controller, Model TAC7/DX, Thermal Analysis Thermomechanical Analyzer, Model TMA7, P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Thermal Analysis Thermomechanical Analyzer, Model TMA7
P.E., PE, TMA-7
Perkin Elmer Thermogravimetric Analyzer, Model TGA7
P.E., PE, TGA-7
Perkin Elmer Thermomechanical Analyzer, Model TMS2
P.E., PE, TMS-2
Photogenic Machine Co. Light System, Model AK01-400
AK01400, Catalog No.- Porta-Master
Photon Technology P.M.T. Housing, Model 01-610
Physitemp Thermalert Temperature Monitor, Model TH-8
Pierce Evaporating Unit, Model 18780
Pilling Illuminator, Model 52-1147
Pilling Illuminator, Model FO215
Pindex Laboratory Saw, Model PX-151
Plasma-Therm Ultrasonic Nebulizer, Model UNS-1, unused
Plasmod Vacuum Chamber
Polaron Carbon Evaporation System
Polaron Slammer, Model E7200
Polaron Water Cooling Machine
Pope Dialyzer, Model Multiple
Powers Upright Refrigerator, Model 75515
Practical Peripherals Microbuffer, Model MINI 512
Precision Counter, Model Time It, Catalog No. 69235
Precision Dessicant Cabinet, Model 68356
Precision Digital Imaging Better Light, Model C-106
Precision Low Temperature Cooling Module, Model II
Precision Scientific Precision Penetrometer, Model 12AE-4
Precision Scientific Precision Penetrometer, Model 13AE-3
Precision Vacuum Desiccator, Cat. No. 68351
Precision Wet Test Meter, Model 63126
Catalog No.- 63126
Precision Wet Test Meter, Model C-1456
Catalog No.- C1456
Princeton Cooled Housing, Model 1212
Princeton Polarographic Analyzer, Model 374
Production Equipment Minicounter, pill counter
Prolab Microdigestor, Model Microdigest 300, Type C
PTI Backup Unit, Model AT800
PTI Chopper, Model OC4000
PTI Cuvette Holder, Model A1010
Pyrex Vacuum Dessicant Jar, 10" O.D. x 8" H
Pyrex Vacuum Dessicant Jar, 12" O.D. x 8" H
QOSINA Single-Use Straight Iris Scissors, Mirror Finish, Model 13161
25 per package, individually wrapped 4 1/2 inch
Quik Seal Impulse Sealer, Model 210
Quik Seal Impulse Sealer, Model 310
R Wolf Ultrasonic-Lithotrite, Model 225
Racal Reel to Reel Recorder, Model Store 4DS
Radiomatic Counter Box, Model ES
Radiometer / Copenhagen Auto Burette, Model ABU-11
Radiometer / Copenhagen Auto Burette, Model ABU-12
Radiometer / Copenhagen Auto Burette, Model ABU-80
Radnor Nitrogen Regulator, Model 7PR250-500-580
Radx Transfer Vessel, Model 150
Rainin / EDP Pipettes ( Elec-Dig-Pipp ), Model 10-ML
Rainin / EDP Pipettes ( Elec-Dig-Pipp ), Model 250
Rainin / EDP Rapid Charger
Rainin Digital Pipettor, Model 100
Rainin Digital Pipettor, Model 25 uL
Rainin Digital Pipettor, Model 2500
Rainin Digital Pipettor, Model EDP
Raytheon Ultrasonic Grinder
Rees Scientific Cell Guard Counter, Model CG 48
Reichert-Jung Colony Counter, Darkfield, Model 3325
Reimer Steam Generator, Model RH18
Revco Control Assembly, Model 6101-1A
RFR Capillary Drawing Machine
Richards Ind, Inc. Jordan Valve, Model 37
Richter Cine Optical Test Bench, Model A
Robert Shaw Temperature Controller, Model 2298 Series
Rosys Robotic Liquid Handler, Model Alpha
Royco Hematology Date Analyzer, Model 970-P
Royco Tissue Cell Counter, Model 927-TCL
SAC Graf/Bar, Model GP-7
SAC Graf/Bar, Model GP-7 MKII
Safetech Cleansphere, Model CA100
Sage Exposure Meter, Model 279
Sakura Tissue-Tek AutoWrite Slide Printer, Model 8031
With Slide Unload Module, Model 8033 Tissue Tek
Sakura Tissue-Tek Slide Dryer, Model 4676
Tissue Tek
Sanko Dessicant Cabinet
Sanplatec Drykeeper Dessicant Cabinet
Sargent Tube Heater, Model 5-36517
Sargent Tube Heater, Model 5-77550
Sargent Welch PH meter, Model 6050
Savant Amino Prep Hydrolyzer, Model AP100
Scheer Tachometer, Digital, Model Tak-Ette
Schneider-Kreuznachn Symmar, Model 1513
Schoeffel Igniter, Model 359
Scientific Glass Pump, Model 116B
Scientific Man Industries Work Station, Model Micro Pettor
Catalog No.- 1059
Scientific Products Lab Jack, Model S9298-1
Scientific Products Timer, Model C6486
Scientific Products Timer, Model C6490
Scientific Systems Tube Cutter, Model TC-10
Scott Nitrogen Regulator, Model 11A
SDL Visibility Processor, Model VP-1001
SE Labs UV Oscillograph, Model SE6150
Seabrook Microtemp Pump, Model SMS2000
Seal Products Multiseal, Model 252
Sebra Tube Sealer, Model 1080
Securall Flammable Storage Cabinet, Model P360
Selectrodizer, Model SD760 Anodizer, NEW
Shandon Hypercenter, Model XP
Shel-Lab Tank Switcher, Model 2002
Sherwood Bacti-Cinerator, Model II
Sherwood Thermometer Genius, Model 3000A
Shimadzu Scanner, TLC, Model CS-910
Shuco Pump, Model 138
Siecor Fiber Distribution Center, Model 24 CAP
Siecor Optical Reflectometer, Model M41
Siemens Compressor, Dry Air, Model DAC1
Siemens Optilux, Model 1179878V5048
Singer Dry Test Gas Flow Meter, Model DTM-115
Sloan Angstrometer, Model M-100
SMI Autopipettor, Model Unipump 200
Somatronix Sphgmomanometer, Model UA-251-751
Somedic Thermotest, Model Type 1
Sonicor Ultrasonic Cleaner, Model SC-400T
Sonometrics Stand, Slit Lamp, Model 32826
Sorvall Gradient Maker, Model GF-2
Sorvall Gradient Mixer, Model GM-21
Source for Automation Workstation, Model Smart Prep
Spectra Pritchard Photometer, Model 1980 A-ER
SPEEDAIRE Refrigerated Air Dryer, Model 57656B
SPEEDAIRE Refrigerated Air Dryer, Model 57656C
Speedaire Refrigerated Dryer, Model 32528
Spiral System Spiral Plater, Model D
SSI Dispenser, Model Mini Spense II
St. John Assoc. Fluro-Tec, Model 2001A
Sta-Rite Rotation, Model S1P8-1366V
Stacor Light Table, Model TR320
Stacor Luminat, Model LU20
Star X-Ray Viewer, Model DE100
STI Davis Digital Pressure Gauge, Model PG-2000-200.0 PSI
Maximum Pressure 200 P.S.I.
STI Davis PSI Digital Pressure Gauge, Model PG-2000-20.0 PSI
Maximum Pressure 20 P.S.I.
STI PSI Davis Digital Pressure Gauge, Model PG-2000-100.0 PSI
Maximum Pressure 100 P.S.I.
STI PSI Tronix Digital Pressure Gauge, Model PG-2000-30.0 PSI
Maximum Pressure 30 P.S.I.
Streck Laboratories Pipettor Calibration System, Model VC-100
Summit Hill Laboratories Vetroscan Motor Pack, Model VUA450
Sussman Steam Generator
Sybron / Thermolyne RH View Box, Model LL-16115
Symbol Technologies Laserscan, Model LS6000A
Systron Donner Counter / Timer, Model 6202C
Systron Donner Time Code Generator, Model 8220
Sytek Local Net, Model 20/100
Tamzan Adson Forcep, Serrated 4.75'', Model 2900
Package of 100 ( 10 packs of 10 ) Catalog Number 2900 Non Sterile / Single Use
Tecator Block Digestor, Model 1007, six-place for Kjeldahl
Tecator Block Digestor, Model 1015, 20-place
Tecator Cold Extractor, Model 1011
Tecator Fibertec I Semi-Auto Fiber Extraction System
Tecator Heat Extractor, Model 1010
Tecator Kjeltec Distillation System, Model 1003
Tecator Precision Distiller, Manual, Model 1002
Tecator Precision Distiller/Titrator, Model 1030, microprocessor cntrl
Techne Sample Concentrator, Model FSG-400D
Technilab Timer, Model 10
Techno X-Y Positioning, Model HL32MTM2236BB
Technomara AG Stacomat, Model 501
Technomara AG Tecnomat, Model 121
Teel Water Pump, Model 135-036-10V
Tek Pro Digital Timer, Model C
Tek Pro Timer, Model C6492
Tekmar Automatic Sample Heater, Model 14
Catalog No.- 14-3310-000
Tekmar Autosampler, Model ALS 2016
Catalog No.- 14-2962-000
Tekmar Cryofocusing Module, Model 14
Tekmar Purge and Trap, Model LSC 2000
Teledyne Curing Unit, Model L2
Catalog No.- 6520-00-519-800
Terumo Sterile Tubing Welder, Model SC-201A TSCD
Manufacturers Description: The Terumo Sterile Connecting Device (TSCD) is used to connect two closed internally sterile components such as a blood collection container, apheresis set, transfer set or needle set by making a sterile weld in the tubing connected to these components. These welds may consist of dry-to-dry, wet-to-dry or wet-to-wet connections. The resulting sterile component may be used in blood collection, blood component processing or transfusion applications. Uses include, but are not limited to: •Attaching additional blood component containers to a blood collection set to enable component separation or division of the original component into smaller aliquots •Attaching containers of processing or additive solutions to a blood component to perform a process such as cell washing or freezing or to extend the storage time of the component •Attaching blood component containers to a pooling set to enable pooling of components from multiple donations. •Attaching a leukocyte reduction filter to a red blood cell or platelet component container to enable removal of leukocytes from the component •Attaching a sampling pouch to a blood component container to enable the removal of samples of the component for testing •Replacing the original needle on a collection set with a new needle of the same or smaller gauge to enable the use of the set or to facilitate a therapeutic procedure such as plasma exchange The TSCD device is not to be used with tubing connected to a person. This device is for use by trained individuals in such settings as blood bank laboratories and hospitals. The sterile tubing welder operates as follows: two pieces of tubing to be joined are placed in separate holders. A wafer is heated to a high temperature and melts through the two pieces of tubing. The left-hand tubing holder moves to align the severed tubing with the severed tubing to be joined in the right-hand holder. The wafer then recedes and the two cut ends of the melted tubing are joined together forming a weld that has maintained the internal tubing sterility. After the tubing cools it can be removed from the device.
Terumo Sterile Tubing Welder, Model SCD312
SCD 312 Create strong, sterile connections with the SCD 312 sterile tubing welder in about 30 seconds. Quickly and reliably connects two lengths of tubing. Welds both wet-to-dry and dry-to-dry tubing connections. Maintains sterility within a functionally closed system. The SCD welding wafer is heated to approximately 260̊C (500̊F) to ensure sterility during cutting and welding.
Terumo Sterile Tubing Welder, NIB, Model SCDIIB
Terumo BCT Sterile Tubing Welder Model SCD IIB Manufactures Description: Built on a legacy of proven Terumo BCT welders, the SCD IIB welder has the capability to create both wet-to-dry and dry-to-dry tubing connections in just a few simple steps. This compact, portable welder allows operators to connect two pieces of tubing for a variety of operations, such as component transfers, sampling and fluid replacement, while maintaining a functionally closed system in open labs and production areas. The Terumo SCD®IIB is a compact, lightweight instrument that provides flexibility. It can be incorporated into various applications within your laboratory or production areas. The device creates a functionally closed, sterile weld, providing protection from outside contamination with-out the need for special aseptic procedures With the Terumo SCD IIB sterile connecting device, It's as easy as 1,2,3! This compact, easy-to-use unit allows operators to make sterile connections in three simple steps whenever and wherever they are required. The SCD IIB creates strong, sterile welds between tubing sets, maintaining a functionally closed system which permits sterile transfers in the open laboratory. In approximately 30 seconds, you can make sterile connections through a thermal welding process to transfer, sample, harvest, replace components or create custom assemblies using thermoplastic tubing. Tubing Size in mm (in) 5.5 (0.215) outer diameter (OD) 0.8 (0.033) wall thickness. Condition: New.
Terumo Teruflex Tube Sealer, Model ACS-152
Thermac Temperature Controller, Model Series 6000
Thermo Fisher Scientific Infrared Heat Lamp, Model 11-504-5
Thermo Fisher Scientific Sonic Dismembrator, Model 150
Thermo Fisher Scientific Sonic Dismembrator, Model 300
Thermo Forma Lab Refrigerator / Freezer, Model 3682
Forma Scientific
Thermo Multi-Blok Heater, Model 2000
Thermo Printmate 150 Cassette Printer, Model A79600001
Thermo Scientific Combi Thermo-Sealer, Model ALPS 25
Same as Advanced Biotechnologies ABGene Combi Thermo-Sealer, Model AB-0384/110 and Eppendorf, Model 5390
Thermo Shandon Section Dryer, Model B3120202
High Capacity Section Dryer
Thermoelectrics Cold Plate, Model TCP-2
Thomas Scientific Capillary Melting Point Apparatus, Model 6406-K
Thomas Scientific Capillary Melting Point Apparatus, Model 6427-A10
Thomas Scientific Oxygen Flask Igniter, Model II
Catalog No.- 6516-610
Titertek Dessicator Jar
TOA Platelet Counter, Model 100A
Toledo Jaw Sealer, Model RTP-F
Touch-O-Matic Bellco Torch
Tracer Lab Low Temperature Asher, Model LTX-26
Traverse Capnometer, Model 2200
Trendcom Heater, 150 Watt, Model CL
Tri R Heating Module, Model B-10
Trinity Biotech Plc. Deinstallation Unit T Coag, Model Amax Destiny
Triton Technology Control Unit, Model 200-1000
Triton Technology Sonomicrometer, Model 120-1000
True Manufacturing Refrigerator and Freezer, Model T-23F
United Systems Thermometer, Digital, Model 1501
US Robotics Sportster, Model 2400
Vacumetrics DCI Programmer, Model 50200-1
Vacumetrics Polisher, Model 50-100
Valco Programmer, Digital Valve, Model DVSP4
Valco Valve, Motorized, Model VICI
VE Temperature Controller, Model IBS
Victor Equipment Co. Nitrogen Regulator, Model VTS450D
Victor Pressure Regulator, Model SR253B
Vitro Elect. Merc-Arc, Model 520G
Vivadent Heliolux, Model HLI
VWR Carbon Dioxide Regulator, Model 55850-482
VWR Digital Thermometer
VWR Lab Jack, Model S9298-1
VWR Multistage Gas Regulator, Model 55850-424
With Stainless Steel Diaphragms Argon, Nitrogen and Helium Delivery range 1–125 psi
VWR Stop Watches
W.S. Tyler RO-TAP Coarse Sieve Shaker, Model RX-812
Wahl Thermometer, Heat Probe, Model P5760
Warner Instrument Corp. Harvard Dual Automatic Temperature Controller Model TC-344B
Manufacturers Description: The TC-344B Dual Channel Automatic Heater Controller from Warner Instruments is a versatile and simple to use thermal control device. Although designed for use with Warner Series 20 chambers or in-line solution heaters, this instrument can be easily adapted for use with custom-built equipment according to the requirements of the user. Total automatic control of heating power is provided in automatic mode, while manual control is available in manual mode. A loop-speed selector is used to optimize the response of the system to accommodate the thermal delay characteristics intrinsic to the environment. Features of the TC-344 B include: • Dual thermistor design • Automatic and manual modes • Selectable loop speed optimizes system speed and stability • Simultaneous monitoring of system temperature and a separate point of interest • Optimized for use with Warner perfusion and imaging chambers • Compatible with SH-27B In-line Solution Heater • Provides 18 W of heating power into a 8 Omega load Specifications (per channel): Max. Output Voltage: 12 V DC Max. Output Current: 1.5 Amps Max. Output Power: 18 W (8 Ω load) Manual Voltage Range: 0 to 12 V Temperature Range: Ambient to 50̊C or ambient to 65̊C Recorder Outputs: T1 (Control Thermistor) 100 mV/̊C T2 (Monitor Thermistor) 100 mV/̊C Inputs: Rear Panel BNC for T2 (TA-29 Thermistor Cable assembly) Meter: 3 1/2 digit LED display of: Set Temperature, 50̊C maximum T1 (Control Thermistor) temperature T2 (Monitor Thermistor) temperature Heater Voltage, 12 V maximum Power Requirements: 100-130/220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 70 VA
Warner Instruments Corp. Harvard Intracellular Electrometer Model IE-210
Manufacturers Description: A high impedance electrometer designed specifically for intracellular studies. The instrument consists of two sections; the probe headstage and the controller which contains the signal conditioning, monitoring and power circuitry. *High impedance microelectrode amplifier for intracellular studies *Simultaneous current injection stimulation and recording *Bridge Balance Output gains of x10, x20, and x50 *Capacity Compensation for up to 50 pF The IE-210 is an intracellular microelectrode amplifier with low noise, low drift and fast response time for recording from high impedance fluid-filled glass electrodes. Current injection (bridge) circuitry permits simultaneous stimulation and recording through a single electrode. These features, in combination with a small lightweight headstage, a 4-pole Bessel low pass filter and optional probe breakaway; make it an ideal instrument for easy, accurate and reliable intracellular recording and current injection. Additional Features: -The 3-1/2 digit LED meter provides readouts of the x1. Amplifier Output voltage and the stimulus DC Current, and is easily viewed in a darkened room. -Checks of amplifier operation are quick and convenient with the front panel Probe Test facility, a real time-saver when troubleshooting set-up problems. -Signals from another amplifier can be applied to the Differential Input and are then summed with the IE-210 x1 output. -The filter frequency is encoded by a stepped DC voltage at the Filter Telegraph BNC for input to a data acquisition system.
Weather Measure Hygrothrmograph, Model H-302
Welch Allyn Decoder, Model HBD-E2
Weldetron Sealer, Tabletop, Model Polytron
Welsbach Ozone Generator, Model T-816, 8/16 gm/hr
Wheaton Hand Pipettor, Model 5-50uL
Wheaton Hand Pipettor, Model 50-200uL
Wheaton Pipettor, 8 Place, Model 50-100uL
Wheaton Unispense / Omni-Pette, Model 374337
Wheaton Vial Closer
White Composite Surface Plate 24" x 35"
World Precision Instruments WPI Beveler, Model 1300M
World Precision Instruments WPI Dual Micro-Probe System, Model KS-700-8
World Precision Instruments WPI Macanexsa, Model 121
World Precision Instruments WPI Micro-Probe System, Model M701
World Precision Instruments WPI Micro-Probe System, Model M707
World Precision Instruments WPI Pressure Monitor, Model PMOID
Worthington Auto-Pipettor
WSI Temperature Controller, Model 71
YSI Conductivity Bridge, Model 31
YSI Conductivity Meter, Model 32
YSI Digital Thermometer, Model 49TA
YSI Gas Flow Purification, Model 5301
YSI Indicating Temperature Controller, Model 73ATA
YSI Indicating Temperature Controller, Model 73ATD
YSI Indicating Temperature Controller, Model 73ATF
YSI Oxygen Monitor, Model 53
YSI Tele-Thermometer, Model 41TD
YSI Tele-Thermometer, Model 425C
YSI Tele-Thermometer, Model 43TA
YSI Tele-Thermometer, Model 43TC
YSI Tele-Thermometer, Model 43TF
YSI Tele-Thermometer, Model 73
YSI Temperature Controller, Model 5-011
YSI Temperature Controller, Model 71
YSI Temperature Controller, Model 71A
YSI Temperature Controller, Model 72
Zymark Control Station, Model Z-830
Zymark Master Lab Station, Syringe Pump, Model Z-510
Zymark Rapid Plate, Model 96/384
Catalog No.- 68932/1
Zymark Rapid Plate, Model 96/384
P/N 68932/1
Zymark Robotics, Model Z-905
Zymark Robotics, Model Z-910 HT
Zymark Vortex Station, Model Z-620
Zymark Zymate II Plus, Model AHP-4
Biomerieux Microbial Analyzing System, Model Bactalert 3D
Right Incubation Module, Reference # 210161 Left Combination Module, Reference # 47002-2
Dupont Series 99 Thermal Analyzer, w/ 951 Thermogravametric
Dupont Thermal Analyzer, Model 1090
Dupont Thermal Analyzer, Model 99
Dupont Thermal Analyzer, Model 990
Fisher Nitrogen Regulator, Model FS-100A
Rosemont DC80
Rosemont TOC Analyzer, Model DC-190
Rosemount Analytical Gas Analyzer Platform ( EXT ), NGA 2000, P/N 194007
Rosemount Analytical Multi-Component Gas Analyzer
Rosemount Analytical Infrared ( IR ) Analyzer, Model 880
Non-Dispersive Infrared Analyzer Model 880122020000 Configuration 222
Rosemount Dohrmann High Temperature TOC Analyzer, Model DC-190
Tracor Northern Multichannel Analyzer, Model TN-7200
Tracor Northern Spectrum System Analyzer, Model TN-6600
American Optical AO Sight Screener, Model 23800