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Alloy Products Pressure Vessel, Model T304
Amicon and Millipore 90mm ,142mm and 293 filter holders
Amicon and Millipore 90mm UE Cells
Amicon Column Eluate Concentrator, Model CEC1
Amicon Concentrator, Model CH3
Amicon Concentrator, Model CH4
Amicon Dialyzer/Concentrator, Model DC2
Amicon End Point Controller, Model EC-20
Amicon End Point Controller, Model EC-22
Amicon Micro-ultrafiltration system, Model 8MC
Amicon Multi-micro ultrafiltration system, Model MMC
Amicon Pressure Cell Holder, Model 400
Amicon Pumped Ultrafiltration Systems, Models TCF and CH3
Amicon Pumps, Model LP-1
Amicon Timer, Model 43514
B/R Instruments Distillation Center, Model 8400
Solvent Recovery System Glassware CL-40
Chemical Data Concentrator, Model 330
Gelman Water Filter, Model WATER 1
Millipore / Amicon Stirred Pressure Cell with controller, Model M2000 / 5111
Amicon High-Performance Ultrafiltration Stirred Cell Model M2000 Available with either Plexiglas or Stainless Steel housing. Two liter, M2000 UF Cell Product Overview: The 2000 series of internally stirred ultrafiltration cells are designed for rapid concentration or purification of macromolecular solutions in volumes up to 2000 mL. All models feature stainless steel construction and include a built-in, replaceable stirring motor controlled by a separate solid state power supply. Speed settings are continuously variable from 0 to 340 RPM (± 9%). The motor is magnetically coupled to a stirring bar which maintains fluid movement during operation, thereby reducing the negative effects of concentration polarization (i.e., the buildup of concentrated solutes on the membrane). Typical flux for the 2000 series of stirred cells ranges from 600 to 800 mL/hr.
Millipore / Amicon Stirred Pressure Cell with controller, Model M2000B / 5113
With PTFE Coated Stainless Steel Sleeve. Two liter, M2000 UF Cell
Millipore Dispensing Pressure Vessel 10L,Mdls XX6700L10, XX6700P10
Millipore Filtration Unit, Model Pellicon Cass
Millipore Pellicon Cassette
Millipore Stirred Pressure Cell, Model 5111
Millipore Ultafiltration, Model Ultragard 540
Catalog EPOU00000
US Filter Corp. 2 Cartridge Filter, Model M2
Waters Compression Chamber, Model Prepak 500
Waters Conductivity Detector, Model 431
Waters Preppak Module, Model 1000
Waters Pulsed Electrochemical, Model 464
Yelta Hand Filtration, Model Ultra