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Elisa Microplate Readers/Washers

 •  Alamar Automatic Reader, Model 1000-0023-0200


 •  Allergentics Fluorometer, Model Fluorofast 96


 •  Amersham Microplate Reader, Model LAN5100


 •  Bellco Micro Harvester, Model 7735-00024


 •  Bio-Rad Immunowash, Model 1250


 •  Bio-Rad Micromat, Model 415


 •  Bio-Rad Microplate Reader, Model 450


 •  Bio-Rad Microplate Washer, Model PW41


 •  Bio-Tek Microplate Reader, Model CERES 900 HDI


 •  Bio-Tek Microplate Reader, Model EL310


 •  Bio-Tek Microplate Reader, Model EL312


 •  Bio-Tek Pressure / Vacuum Module, Model 4030542


 •  Bio-Tek Pressure Delivery Module, Model 4030510


 •  Bio-Tek Auto Eliza Reader, Model EL309 external printer


 •  Bio-Tek Automatic Microplate Washer, Model EL402


 •  Bio-Tek Automatic Microplate Washer, Model EL403


Bio-Tek Automatic Microplate Washer, Model EL403
 •  Bio-Tek Automatic Microplate Washer, Model EL404


Bio-Tek Automatic Microplate Washer, Model EL404
 •  Bio-Tek Micro Plate Reader, Model EL307


 •  Brandel Plate Washer, Model PW-24


 •  Brandel Wash Pump, Model CH-600


 •  Denley Milenia Microwash 4, Model DP004 B/W


 •  Denley Pump, Model DO004 B/P


 •  Denley Pump, Model WW0048/P


 •  Denley Well Wash 5, Cat WW005B


 •  Denley Wellwash


 •  Denley Wellwash 4, Model WW0048/W


 •  Dynatech Autodiluter III, washer, aspirator


 •  Dynatech Autowash, Model 001-911-0000


 •  Dynatech Dispenser, Model SRD III


 •  Dynatech Dynawasher II


 •  Dynatech Micro Minireader II, Cat. No. 011-930-0500, RS232


 •  Dynatech Microbank Eliza System


 •  Dynatech Microdrop Dispenser, Model SR-1


 •  Dynatech Microfluor Reader, Cat. 011-970-1900, RS232, NEW


 •  Dynatech Microplate Reader, Model MR250


 •  Dynatech Microplate Reader, Model MR300


 •  Dynatech Microplate Reader, Model MR580


 •  Dynatech Microplate Reader, Model MR600


 •  Dynatech Microplate Reader, Model MR650 with Apple Computer


 •  Dynatech Microplate Reader, Model MR700


 •  Dynatech Minireader, Model MR590


 •  Dynatech Miniwash, Model B


 •  Dynatech Ultrawash Plus


 •  Dynatech Vacuum / Pressure Unit, Model MA56-2


 •  Gilford EIA Reader, Model 25003


 •  Lab Systems Thermo Electron Growth Curves Bioscreen C Microplate Read

  Bioscreen C is an incubator and a culture growth monitoring device (OD reader) for 200 samples in one box. Microbiological growth curves (turbidity versus time charts) and sophisticated microbiological calculations are generated directly to over 20 MS Excel sheets automatically.

 •  Molecular Devices Tunable Microplate Reader, Model VERSAmax


 •  Molecular Devices Vmax Kinetic Microplate Reader


Molecular Devices Vmax Kinetic Microplate Reader
 •  Perkin Elmer Plate Reader, Model L225-0137

  P.E., PE, L2250137

 •  Perkin Elmer Pro/Pette washer/aspirator,Model Cetus, 2 heads

  P.E., PE

 •  Perseptive Biosystems Muli-Well Plate Reader, Model Cytofluor

  Series 4000

 •  Precision Wet Test Meter, Model C-1456

  Catalog No.- C1456

 •  Sigma Diagnostics, EIA Multi Well Reader, Model 2101


 •  Skatron Combi Cell Harvester, Model 1102B


 •  Skatron Microplate Washer, Model Microwash II

  Catalog No.- 7102

Skatron Microplate Washer, Model Microwash II
 •  SLT Laboratories Microplate Reader, Model EAR 400


 •  SLT Laboratories Microplate Washer, Model PW96


 •  SLT Laboratories Microplate Washer/Dispenser, Model 225P


 •  Thermo Labsystems Multidrop DW, Model 833

  Bulk Reagent Dispenser

 •  Titertek Autosampler, Model 830


 •  Titertek Flow Pump, Model 78-449-00


 •  Titertek Interface, Multiskan, Model 312B


 •  Titertek Microplate Fluorometer, Model Fluoroskan II


 •  Titertek Microplate Incubator


 •  Titertek Microplate Processor, Model 51020


 •  Titertek Microplate Reader, Model 344


 •  Titertek Microplate Reader, Multiscan MC, Model M340


 •  Titertek Microplate Reader, Uniscan, Model 360


 •  Titertek Microplate Stacker, Model 78-940-02


 •  Titertek Microplate Stacker, Model S20

  Catalog No.- 7894000

 •  Titertek Microplate Washer, Model 120


 •  Titertek Microplate Washer, Model S-12


 •  Titertek Microplate Washer, Model S12.78-433-00


 •  Titertek Multiscan Microplate Reader, Model 310C


 •  Titertek Multiscan, Model MCC


 •  Titertek Vacuum Controller, Model 44157


 •  Titertek Vacuum Module, Model 79-460-51


 •  Titertek/Skatron Cell Harvester, Model MCH1


 •  Titertek/Skatron Semi-Automatic Cell Harvester, Models 7019, 7020


 •  Ttiterek Microplate Reader, Model 344


 •  Wallac Microplate Washer, Model 96PW