Beckman Coulter IL Coagulation Analyzer, Model ACL 7000

13 parameters 175 PTs/hour The IL ACL-7000 coagulation analyzer is the right choice for any laboratory that needs specialty testing capabilities in a cost-effective system. Youll have access to a broad test menu including D-Dimer, Heparin and APCR-Leiden. Plus, youll benefit from an easy-to-use, automated system that provides consistently reliable results. With its reputation for superior performance and value, the ACL 7000 will help you maximize your labs testing efficiency. Features of the IL ACL 7000 Include: Gain an extensive test menu with clotting chromogenic and immunologic capabilities, Achieve automated test requesting via host computer with the bi-directional interface, Improve efficiency in your test requesting with random programming, Receive accurate sample identification with the integral bar code reader, Easily review Levey-Jennings charts with the on board QC, Remove variables of manual pipetting with automatic sample dilutions. Optional External DMS
Chemistry/Clinical/Analyzers -> Coagulation Analyzers

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