Beckman Rotor, Type TLA-100.4 SOLD

Fixed-Angle Rotor (28° Angle), Titanium
8 x 5.1 mL, 100,000 rpm, 543,000 x g, (Part Number: 360063
Major Applications: Pelleting of subcellular fractions in 5-30 minutes, pelleting RNA in 1-2 hours, plasmid DNA separation in 6 hours.
Note: Non-precipitating solutions up to 1.7 g/mL in density can be run in this rotor without a reduction in rotor speed.
For use in the Optima™ MAX-XP Benchtop Ultracentrifuge, Optima TLX personal micro-ultracentrifuges, and Optima MAX high-capacity personal micro-ultracentrifuges, Optima™ TL and TL-100 micro-ultracentrifuges..
Model TLA100.4
Beckman Rotor, Type TLA-100.4
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