Like-new condition. Output checked with oscilloscope.

Manufacturers Description:

The SD9 is a compact, rugged unit capable of handling a wide range of stimulator applications for student teaching as well as research laboratories.

The built-in isolation circuit enhances subject safety and minimizes stimulus artifacts.

The twin pulse circuit makes this stimulator ideal for refractory measurements.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Delay Function: 0.02 to 200 msec (4 decades); Separates PREPULSE SYNC OUT pulse from the stimulus pulse; Used to set refractory time interval for TWIN PULSE operation.
Synchronous Outputs: PREPULSE SYNC OUT precedes the stimulus pulse as selected by the variable delay; PULSE SYNC OUT occurs at the end of delay period which is coincident with the onset of the stimulus pulse.
Frequency (REPORT DISPLAY): 0.2 to 200 PPS (3 decades)
Duration (ANALYZER): 0.02 to 200 msec (4 decades)
Output Volts (Peak): 0.1 to 100 volts (3 decades)
Output Impedance: ²1 kohm
Maximum Power Out: 2.5 watts peak
Sync Input and Output: +5 volts, TTL compatible
Output Isolation Circuit: Built-in to allow recording with the stimulator at the preparation site with minimum artifact; Output voltage not referred to ground; Output polarity selectable.
Biphasic Output: Can be selected to reduce electrode polarization and ion transfer.
Monitor Lamps: Flashes with each stimulus pulse
Accuracy: ±10% or better for all parameters
Maximum Power: 30 watts at 110 volts, 50/60 Hz; Typical Power is 5 watts

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