Beckman Coulter Ultracentrifuge, Model Optima Max, Tabletop, 130,000 rpm

The Optima™ TLX features maximum performance capabilities of 657,000 x g and sample volumes ranging from 0.2 mL to 5.1 mL per tube.
The Beckman Optima MAX Ultracentrifuge is a microprocessor-controlled tabletop systems that generates high centrifugal forces for a variety of high-speed applications.
The design features a variable-frequency induction drive and rotor overspeed identifcation system.
The Optima Max centrifuge also has a program memory that can contain up to ten-step programs, and offers a choice of acceleration and deceleration rates.
All Beckman Coulter ML- and TL-series rotors can be used in the Optima MAX ultracentrifuge.
Optima TL and TL-100 in stock.
Centrifuges -> Ultra Centrifuge

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