ERMA Sliding Sledge Microtome, Model ESM-100L

Manufacturers Description:
The microtome consists of main body (slide-way), object clamping stage, feeding device and knife clamping block.
The body of the microtome has three tracks of 400 mm horizontal slide for the knife clamping block and three tracks of 2 degree 52' inclined slide for object clamping stage and feeding device.
The shape of the knife block and its contact with the three tracks completely eliminate riding up or tilting of the microtome knife during the cutting.
The knife clamping block has a ball for clamping the knife holder and a handle.
The object clamping stage has a sliding stage and object clamping holder. The object clamping holder is equipped with two rack-and-pinion swivelling devices which can be used to adjust orientation of cutting object. It can also be raised or lowered by rack-and-pinion for the vertical adjustment of the object. Can hold specimen blocks up to 43 x 39 mm.
The feeding device can be adjusted for section thicknesses from 0.5 to 12 microns in increments of 0.5 microns. Adjustment is made by hand-setting of the drum calibration scale. The object stage moves along an inclined track on the instrument by means of the ratchet gear drive. One step of the feeding mechanism moves the object slide 0.01mm upward.
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