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Bellco Incubator, Cat 7728-02005
Interior 29.5"W x 14"D x 20"H, To 50 Degrees C Benchtop for roller bottle apparatus
Bellco Mini Roll-In Incubator
Interior 35"W x 26"D x 40"H, To 50 Degrees C
Bellco Roll-In Incubator CO2, Model BG-927
Catalog No. BG 927
Bellco Roll-In Incubator, Model 7728-50023
Catalog No. 7728 50023
Bellco Roll-In Incubator, Model 7728-59005
Interior 35"W x 26"D x 76"H, To 50 Degrees C, With Double Window DoorCatalog No.7728-59005